Inspired by a Visit to the Library of Congress

It’s my express goal that my Columbia America By Another Name will have me photographing in the homes of Americans from all walks of life—the rich, the poor, and the in-between. My day job, though, brings me into the homes of a very particular and passionate bunch: collectors of art.

A recent visit to the Geography and Map Room at the incomparable Library of Congress reminded me that in 2010, I photographed the home of one of America’s greatest dealer in rare maps, prints, and natural history watercolors.

With its extraordinary design and contents, visiting and working in the home of Graham Arader, above his Madison Avenue gallery, was a rare treat. My favorite thing about his house, though, was that it’s occupied by a real family. In my day working there, I saw Arader and his wife being real, nurturing parents to their children (of all ages).

My work brings me into contact with folk from all walks of life; when I photograph them, I strive to show each and every person with equal respect. These encounters enrich my life. I hope you are similarly enriched by the photos borne of these contacts.

These photos were taken for American Art Collector magazine.