The Artist

In the Columbia sugarcane fields in St. John the Baptist Parish, Louisiana.

Photographer Francis Smith is a monthly contributor to American Fine Art and American Art Collector magazines. With gratitude and pride, he uses his Vassar College art history degree everyday of his life and career.

Along with art, American and natural histories are passions that further animate the photographer’s world-view. Smith has also applied his creative insight, boundless curiosity, and tireless work ethic in areas ranging from blacksmithing, interior design, screenwriting, and assisting in corporate America.

Born and raised in Connecticut, the artist has deep American roots: his ancestors, who eventually fought on both sides of the War for Independence and the Civil War, settled here in the New Netherland, Massachusetts Bay, Plymouth, Connecticut, and Virginia colonies.

Some of these Virginians later helped settle Columbia, Tennessee. His last immigrant ancestor came in 1852 and married the great-granddaughter of a Hessian-turned-Patriot soldier who had settled in Columbia County, New York. Smith’s great-grandfather was football coach at Columbia University.

America By Another Name is his first major photography project. Please speed this American journey with a tax-deductible donation.


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