The Project

Is America a divided country? Do we have anything in common?

In every region of the United States, in places called Columbia, photographer Francis Smith is looking for what unites us.

Why Columbia? As our nation’s poetic name, it once united us in our numerous times of internal strife. As a symbol for liberty and progress, Columbia was America By Another Name.

And now America By Another Name is a new multi-media project:

  • A photography exhibition and book about Americans today, people of any income, ethnicity, creed, or politics; those descended from Native Americans, European colonists, African slaves, and those who are newly arrived.
  • Videos exploring Columbia’s place in our nation’s cultural history: who was Miss Columbia? Why was Hail, Columbia our national anthem? And more.

Francis Smith’s lens acknowledges the differences between us, but always seeks: what do we share?

Together, we’ll hear Columbia’s reminder: we have more in common than we often think.

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