Columbia and the Flag

Happy Flag Day!

This photo is from Bunker Hill Day, 17 June, in the year 1917. The United States went to war in Europe on 6 April of that year. Columbia and Uncle Sam made many appearances during the Great War, particularly in recruiting posters. Alas, when folk look at these posters today, they know who Uncle Sam is, but who’s that lady wearing the liberty cap? America By Another Name‘s goal is to correct this state of affairs.

I honor Flag Day as a person with a particularly intense relationship with the flag. Months after 9/11 I felt such frustration—countless drivers, who in a fit of patriotism had attached a cloth flag to their car, blithely displayed dirty, tattered flags rippling at 70 miles an hour. Old Glory so abused—and so ubiquitously! While at the World Trade Center site on later anniversaries, I silently bristled as teenage boys in cargo shorts wore the flag as some sort of cape. Continue reading